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On disc: Qube

Incubate - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars


(Electrum Production - 2010)

Qube is a Polish quintet and with Incubate they present their second release. The band was founded in 2005 and after finding a stable line-up they spent time writing songs which led into the recording of their debut EP Shape. They played live a lot and finally signed a deal with Electrum Production, a label in their home town Lublin. The album Incubate was released in their home country in 2010 and now is distributed in Europe via Twilight Vertrieb.
Heavy and with a heart beat sound they lead you into Incubate, you hear kids, then whispered words... The guitar sets in and takes you into Nothing. First an atmospheric progressive track which shows reminiscences to Tool, then they get heavier, almost thrashy... A sonic roller coaster ride. At Mantis they add a dash of psychedelic rock to their mix, but the song also has some alternative elements woven into it. With Obsession they change direction and it seems they got inspired by Red Hot Chili Peppers... And in the next moment it's a dash of Alice In Chains which is prominent. Just to head into a progressive thrash metal part with screams. Later you get a funky passage with clean vocals.
In The Name Of God kicks off with passages taken from TV and radio speeches in multiple layers, then acoustic guitars slowly lead you into the melodic opening part, but you guess it, the song changes in tempo and atmosphere. The last two tracks - Blame and Way To Nowhere - are same but different. Again they take you onto a sonic roller coaster ride and combine different sounds, so if you liked the first tunes, these ones won't disappoint you!
The CD back cover and booklet list 6 tunes, but there is a 7th track which like any other track on Incubate is offering different sounds and technical elements - full of energy and playfulness.
Singer Daniel Gielza switches between clean melodic vocals and screams, sometimes it gets close to growls, but he just follows his mates crazy melodic journeys. The Polish outfit's musical home is prog metal, but they spice it up with different sounds, they try to create to find their own musical identity in a new mix - and they offer interesting soundscapes.

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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