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On stage: Prong

- RockHard Festival - May 2009 - Gelsenkirchen (D) -
- Prong & Coal Black - May 2012 - Bochum (D) -

- Prong & Coal Black -
May 22nd 2012 - Bochum (D), Matrix -

Coal Black - live in Bochum

Coal Black - live in Bochum

Prong - live in Bochum

Prong - live in Bochum

Prong - live in Bochum

Prong - live in Bochum

It was a hot night in May when Coal Black opened up for Prong in Bochum's Matrix. Prong come to play a 2-in-1 set including the whole Beg To Differ album and a best-of set. But first we got a little surprise, an opening act. Just a few hours before the show I learnt that there is a support band called Coal Black.

I was surprise that only about 100 people came to see Prong. Have the tickets been to pricey? Or that it was a Tuesday night? Just days before Rock Hard festival? The hot weather? Perhaps a bit of everything....

I'm not familiar with Coal Black and to make it even more difficult for them one band member was missing. After presenting 2 songs as a four-piece singer Dirk explained that their bass player was stuck in traffic, but they did their best to entertain the people. Due to the missing bass player the songs lack some heaviness... Musically they are based in alternative rock, but even without bass they are a bit heavier than most alternative rock bands. I wouldn't mind to see them again - with their bass player - and get a better idea about Coal Black.

After a change over it was time for Prong! Mastermind Tommy Victor and his fellows have changed musical direction more than once, but somehow managed to stay Prong. Their roots are thrash metal and it was always audible in their music - more or less. One of their most successful albums is Beg To Differ, even if sales figures say that Cleansing sold more copies, for many fans Beg To Differ is THE Prong album. On the 2 week run 2 guys step in for Tony Campos who is on tour with Soulfly. At the Bochum show it was Matt Brunson (Crowbar) who shared the stage with Tommy Victor and drummer Alexei Rodriguez first. They kicked off with For Dear Life. Even if it was a small crowd Tommy Victor and his mates gave 110% and stormed through Beg To Differ. And the ones who attended the show had a lot of fun, singing / shouting along, jumping, dancing and even some crowd surfing took place. For the second part Matt Brunson left the stage and Dave Pybus took over. The second part was a kind of best-of, but spiced up with one track of their latest album Carved Into Stone. With Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck off Cleansing the second part ended. Especially during the first part Tommy Victor wasn't satisfied with the reaction of the audience and so he tried to cheer them up with gestures as well as words. For the 2 encores Matt Brunson was back and the songs were well-chosen. Everybody had a great time.

Many fans were disappointed when they saw the note telling that the merchandise was sold out and that they only sell CDs after the show. But the band did their best and so right after the show they showed up at the 'merch booth' to sell CDs, sign them and chat with their fans. Hopefully next time more people show up to see / meet Tommy Victor & Prong.

Set 1: Beg To Differ - Matthew Brunson (Crowbar)
01. For Dear Life
02. Steady Decline
03. Beg To Differ
04. Lost And Found
05. Your Fear
06. Take It In Hand
07. Intermenstrual D.S.B.
08. Right To Nothing
09. Prime Cut
10. Just The Same
11. Third From The Sun (Chrome cover)

Set 2 - Dave Pybus (ex-Cradle of Filth)
12. Another Worldly Device
13. Revenge...Best Served Cold
14. Rude Awakening
15. Whose Fist Is This Anyway?
16. Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck
17. Eternal Heat - Matthew Brunson (Crowbar)
18. Unconditional - Matthew Brunson (Crowbar)

Claudia Ehrhardt


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