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On stage: Poverty's No Crime

- Poverty's No Crime - Oct. 2008 - Duisburg (D) -

- Poverty's No Crime - Oct. 4th 2008 - Duisburg, JZ Mühle -

At the first weekend in October its ProgPower Europe time, but this year I hadn't the chance to go. But it shouldn't be a weekend without prog metal, coz in a small club in Duisburg Poverty's No Crime should play one of their few live shows. The opening bands I didn't know and when I arrived at the club the first band was already playing. Didn't sound bad.... They played some kind of melodic power metal, but I had an interview arranged. So no time to check them out.
I was back downstairs for the second band - a local band -, but from what I saw / heard within a few minutes made me left the venue and chat a bit outside, waiting for Poverty's No Crime.
Poverty's No Crime - Marco AhrensQuite late the progsters entered the 'stage' and kicked off, but after about a minutes they had to stop - a problem with the drums. Well, not really with the drums itself, more that they were moving and would have felt off the podium, if not fixed. They started again with All Minds In One. Earlier this year guitarist - and former singer - Volker Walsemann decided to concentrate on the guitar play and so they present a new singer. Well, Peter Pietrzinksi (ex-Ancient Curse) is at the moment a temporarily member, but showed that he would fit into the band well right from the start. During their set they wanted to present more then just songs from their current release and so they first did Just A Dream before they presented some songs from Save My Soul. And the first song of Save My Soul was also the first they presented - Open Your Eyes.Poverty's No Crime - Peter Live a bit heavier and the keyboard introduced the following End In Sight. At a small stage isn't much space to move, but they tried to entertain the fans. But always focused on the playing and eager to present the songs as best as they can. And again I was surprised how good it works with Peter, coz he has a different style and it looks like they play together for ever. Actually they wanted to skip the ballad, but as some fans seems to want The Key To Creativity they played the balladesque tune. A song which carries you away. As time was running, the club has a curfew, they head into a medley of songs off One In A Million. Time for the band to end their show with Access Denied.
Time is flying, if you have fun - is an old saying and indeed too soon it was over. But at least they will come back in January to this area, they will play January 18th 2009 in Essen supporting Threshold! So don't miss this outstanding sextet!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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