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On stage: Pegazus

- Pegazus - Mar. 2009 - Melbourne (AUS) -

- Pegazus -
- March 7th 2009 - Melbourne (AUS), Richmond, Central Club -

It's been nearly two years since Pegazus have played live in Melbourne, and the crowd couldn't wait. They made their return in January 2009 in Sydney. As I walked into the Central Club, Richmond (Victoria, Australia) I knew it was going to be a wicked night of metal with all the old faces (and many new ones!) there, waiting for a night of kick-arse classic metal.
The current line-up is Johnny Stoj (original founder, guitarist, vocals); Ange Sotiro (drums); Justin Fleming (vocals, returned original singer on the first album, Pegazus, replacing Rob Thompson) and Cory Betts (bass, returned - ex-Kymera; Amethyst; played on Breaking The Chains, The Headless Horseman, replacing Joe Fata, ex-Black Majesty). If you didn't know that Justin hadn't sang with the band for 10 years, and Cory hadn't played with them for 8, you might not guess it because they were a pretty tight unit on the night, and they looked like they were having as much fun as their fans.
They played the classics like Wings of Steel, Enchanted World, Metal Forever (with a little help from the crowd, lol) . Also, The Headless Horseman, The Patriot, Call To Arms, Nightstalker, Spread Your Wings / Forever Chasing Rainbows. They pulled out Apache Warriors from the first album. They also played the more recent Old Skool Metal Dayz & Ghost Rider. Priest cover, Metal Gods drove the crowd wild.
They will be playing at a Bushfire Benefit gig at Roxannes, Melbourne on Saturday, March 21st.
The band will be going back into the recording studio in a couple of months to record their first studio album since 2002.

 Ali Edmonds
(guest writer)


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