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On disc: Psykosis

Toxic Terrorstorm (demo) - Mike Thompson - 8 stars

Toxic Terrorstorm (demo)

Toxic Terrorstorm (demo)
(self-released – 2009)

Psykosis are an Irish thrash band formed in 2008, Toxic Terrorstorm is their only release to date. Now, obviously thrash is back in vogue after all but disappearing through the 90's and early years of the new millennium. However, aside from a few bands, such as Decadence and Cripper, there hasn't really been anything new to report in the thrash scene with most bands being happy to take their lead from the legendary 80's bands. Psykosis are one such band.
That being said, those who are into thrash understand well that there is very little that could be classed as new or fresh in the thrash world today and, more to the point, don't really care. This is where the majority of new thrash bands fit into the metal world; they provide new songs to those who simply want to windmill their long hair, drink several beers too many and quite simply thrash 'til death! With this in mind Toxic Terrorstorm is a demo that thrash fans should hunt down.
As stated above, if you approach this demo with an open mind, not caring about discovering anything new then you will find a treasure in this Irish quintet's demo. The playing is good, the riffs many and varied and the whole sound reminiscent of the classic Bay Area. Everything about the demo, from the title to the cover art to the song titles, is a thrash metal cliché but at the end of the day its clear from the Toxic Fugitive intro and their myspace biography that Psykosis don't take themselves too seriously and just want to thrash! Genre fans should check out this quality demo.

8 stars

Mike Thompson


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