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On disc: Pride & Glory

- Pride & Glory - Claudia Ehrhardt - 10 stars

Pride & Glory

Pride & Glory
(Geffen Music - 1994)

Former Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Zakk Wylde is back! The blonde guitarist started his own band, a trio. With the guitar master there is bassist James Lomenzo (ex-White Lion) and drummer Brian Tichy. That they are signed to a major label isn't a surprise when you remember the career of Mr. Wylde.
Actually the band Pride & Glory came out of the Lynyrd Skynyrd cover band Lynyrd Skynhyd which Wylde and Lomenzo had as a fun project. And so this is like a heavy version of this legendary band or can be described as Allman Brothers meets Black Sabbath.
Opening with Losin Your Mind the trio shows the musical direction which has the authentic swamp feeling. They use instruments like banjo, mandolin and mouth organ. This could probably be called country metal.... Drummer Brian Tichy is hitting hard on the skins and gives songs like Horse Called War and Cry Me A River. You might wonder who is singing... Well, Zakk Wylde is adding his raw, deep and unique voice to this melange of country, heavy rock and metal. A real heavy one is Draw 'em A Line where they also use disturbed vocal parts which give the song a very special touch. Beside heavier tracks there are some slow, emotional songs like Lovin' Woman and Fadin' Away which are presenting the soft side of this trio. The Chosen One is an ode to Zakk's father.
Even if this mixture sounds strange to you, give it a try! You won't miss screaming guitars, even if they just show up partly, but this album grooves, rocks, is heavy and fun to listen! Amazing how 3 guys have such a heavy, powerful and fat sound!
At least I should mention that the Japanese version has a bonus track which isn't unusual, but Pride & Glory's version of the classic tune War Pigs is just great!

10 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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