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On disc: Praying Mantis

Sanctuary - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars


(Frontiers - 2009)

Praying Mantis were always seen as a NWoBHM band, but actually the band always were more melodic. They started in the mid-70's and it was bad luck that they never really made it. Line-up changes didn't help, too. After 2 releases in the early 80's it took them til the 1991 to return with Predator In Disguise. During the next years they released albums more frequently, but after The Journey Goes On (2003) they kinda disappeared again and only played some shows - mainly festivals - til now. But singers like Paul DiAnno and Gary Barden should have drawn attention to this British band. The British band is now back with a new album called Sanctuary.
The Troy brothers and their mates kick off with In Time, a very melodic up-tempo rocker. And soon it becomes clear that Praying Mantis is these days more AOR then heavy metal. At Restless Heart singer Mike Freeland reminds me a bit of Michael Sadler... Like an AOR-ish version of Saga. At So High they get a bit heavier and enter the hard rock genre... An ear catcher! The following Lonely Way Home starts acoustically, a balladesque tune with emotional vocals. Touching. And by now as I'm half-way through the album, I already know that this one will spin quite frequently in my player! With Threshold Of A Dream they present a catchy melodic metal tune while Playing God is a progressive heavy rocker, but all songs have in common great melody lines! So AOR fans should check out the new Praying Mantis album Sanctuary! I recommend Restless Heart, Lonely Way Home, Threshold Of A Dream and Sanctuary.

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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