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On disc: Poverty's No Crime

- Save My Soul - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Save My Soul

Save My Soul
(InsideOut Music - 2007)

Poverty's No Crime started more then 15 years ago and stepped into limelight in 1995 with their debut Symbiosis. Several releases later they decided to take a break, that was after the release of The Chemical Chaos in 2003. Now the five-some is back with Save My Soul - a heavy, progressive album with catchy hooks.
A short intro leads into Open Your Eyes which combines heavy riffs and melodies with the powerful, emotional voice of Volker Walsemann. Even if there are progressive elements the melodies always come first and so this album is also interesting for fans of melodic metal. Sometimes the keyboard parts are more up front, but only for awhile, so that soon the riffing takes over again. The track is definitely guitar-driven! Guitarists Marco Ahrens and Volker Walsemann are doing a great job. With thunder they start off the title track Save My Soul. Beside heavy riffs the guitars partly 'sing', then Volker starts singing and the guitar line builds a melodic counterpart to the vocal line. An earcatcher! A hook line you wont easily forget! Well done!
With The Key To Creativity they slow down a bit... A balladesque prog rock tune - a bit bombastic, too. Very intriguing. And if it would be released by one of the big names, it would be a hit... But perhaps some discover this tune and help spread the world.... It gets a bit darker and even doomy with The Torture. Heavy riffs are dominating this one. The heaviness fits well to the sound and shows a different side of Poverty's No Crime. With Spellbound they present an instrumental which has it's moments, but to be honest I'm not a big fan of instrumental tunes and this one lost me quite soon... Luckily with From A Distance they return to the melodic prog metal and the catchy melodies.
Lyrically the albums deals with states of mind like fear and despair, but also talks about what can come out of this misery. So there is always a spark of hope.
To check out this album I recommend Open Your Eyes, The Torture, The Key Of Creativity and Save My Soul.

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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