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On disc: Poley / Rivera

Only Human - Claudia Ehrhardt - 9 stars

Only Human

Only Human
(Angelmilk Records - 2008)

Danger Danger singer Ted Poley just presented a new solo album Smile and is now back with another record. This time he teamed up with Vic Rivera for Only Human. The dynamic duo already worked together, so fans will know what to expect. And the twosome won't disappear their fans!
They kick off with Keep On Fighting, a melodic metal track with sharp riffs and a heavy punch. Btw, all instruments are played by Vic Rivera! The song revives the early 90's and soon will hook you up with it's up-tempo beat and catchy refrain. Another up-tempo tune is Top Of The World, but more hard rock-based, even if it has some heavy riffs. Next in line is Only Human, the title track. A balladesque tune based on Poley's voice which is partly accompanied by acoustic guitar. It's the contrast between the acoustic hard rock passages and the riff-based parts which make the song special. Time to speed up again and with Did We Just Have A Moment they present a good-time rocker. And again a catchy chorus to hook you up. With N.W.S. it gets real heavy! As soon as Ted starts singing you'll be hooked up! Partly its the heavier sound, but also the dash of aggression in his voice... An ear catcher, even if not the typical one! The guitar stays heavy, metallic and again there is a hint of aggression... The Bigger They Come comes over you without warning! Heavy and melodic, and overall catchy. And after 2/3 of the album you know that there is some kind of magic between them - and you can hear it in every single song. After a more hard rock-based tune called Delirious the heavy riffs are back with Fire At Will. With Breathe Deep you get an emotional, heavy rock tune. Ted Poley's vocals are touching and you can feel the sadness, but the songs also tells you to go on. Last, but not least you get the balladesque tune Crossing The Ocean. Ted Poley's vocals are enchanting and partly accompanied only by acoustic guitar. It's the simplicity, the reduction to the essential which carries a magic of this song. Well done! And I hope they will team up for more albums, coz together they are strong and able to great a certain magic. Kudos!

9 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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