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On disc: Poema Arcanus

- Iconoclast - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars


(Aftermath Music - 2002)

The 2nd album of the Chilean quintet Poema Arcanus is called Iconoclast and kicks off with Walls? an instrumental intro. With The Crawling Mirrors the band starts straight ahead, but they use breaks and slower parts to create a certain atmosphere. The dark, deep voice of singer Claudio Carrasco soon takes you into the world of the band from Santiago de Chile. This kind of music you might expect from some Scandinavian band or perhaps from the U.K., but not from Chile. But actually did you expect any metal band coming from Chile? Anyway, their melancholy sounds are based on death metal and sometimes doom. The song Elegia is in Spanish and reminds me a little bit of Moonspell... But then after a break they are heavier than what we know from the Portuguese during the last years.
Another surprise is Chaman which starts unusual, an instrumental which shows their progressive influences and which is written by guitarist Igor Leiva. But these influences are always there, but often not that obvious. Or listen to Rite to get an idea... The song has all the essentials of their sound.
Actually it's tough to give a recommendation or to name bands to give you an idea. Poema Arcanus created their own sound. The band who is around for 10 years has released their 2nd album and is more innovative then many other acts. This is music for people who are open to new sounds and who aren't afraid of extreme music. A very unusual mixture, but if you are ready to enter the world of the Chilean quintet then you soon will discover the uniqueness and beauty of their music.

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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