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On disc: Platitude

- Nine - Monika Schmidt - 7 stars


(Scarlet Records - 2004)

On a mailing list I read about the Swedish band Platitude and it made me curious. There they saw similarities to the softer Evergrey songs and influences of bands like Threshold, Time Requiem, Shadow Gallery and other prog rock / metal bands. I like prog rock / metal when it doesn't get too complex and if it has lots of melody. All this Platitude have on Nine and they create atmospheres with their slightly melancholy sound. The melodic Halcyon Days and Dark Mind - needs a few more spins - are good tunes to check them out, but you should also listen to Falling and Endless which are more dramatic and emotional. The balladesque Trust remind me a little of their fellow countrymen Evergrey.
The band is very talented, but there music needs time to grow which makes it more difficult to get the peoples attention. In the prog genre they have a good chance to make themselves known, but they will be something for insiders.

7 stars

Monika Schmidt
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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