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On disc: Places Of Power

Now Is The Hour - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Now Is The Hour

Now Is The Hour
(Frontiers - 2009)

Places Of Power is a new project which get in stores through Frontiers Records and so you can expect AOR / hard rock. If you take a closer look, you see that the mainmen are multi-instrumentalist Bruce Turgon and singer Philip Bardowell. Especially Bruce Turgon should ring a bell, coz he was part of The Lou Gramm Band, Foreigner, Shadow King and Steve Stevens - to name a few. Bruce handles the instrumental side of Places Of Power, but get some support by Scott McKinstry (ex-The Lou Gramm Band, ex-Montrose) on guitar.
They start into the album with In Your Wildest Dreams, a track which begins slowly, but then becomes a heavy rocker with emotional vocals. The song reminds me a bit of Shadow King... A catchy tune which soon hooks you up. Philip Bardowell's vocals aren't as intensive as Lou Gramm's, but there are similarities. Bit heavier, but still melodic is Make Me Believe - and it gets crystal clear that Places Of Power are applying to be Shadow King's heir... So fans of Lou Gramm and his various projects and bands should check this album out. Sure, this isn't anything new and they can't really surprise the listener, but they present a very solid piece of music. The guys take you back in time and revive the early 90's - just listen to Desire Of Your Hearts. A powerful, balladesque tune is I Live For You! Due to the vocals it partly has a slight melancholy touch, but a really cool one. With bombastic keyboard they open up Secrets, but then the keys step back to give Bardowell's vocals more space. One of my favorites is Always, a touching balladesque rocker. What I miss on this one is a real ballad! There are some balladesque rockers as well as up-tempo rockers with great melodies, but no ballad which makes you shiver. Some slower tunes and an emotional ballad would have done the album good. Anyway, fans of Foreigner and Shadow King should give it a try!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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