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On disc: Pertness

Frozen Time - Lars Bjørn - 8 stars

Frozen Time

Frozen Time
(Pure Legend Records - 2012)

Power metal in a fine combination with occasional folk metal is the cooks menu for the frozen dish from Switzerland. To open that box you go to and take a look, great metal has been put to a new and third album simply called Frozen Time. A hard professional attitude sets the standard for Frozen Time with quality metal guitar work and top-tuned sound from the rhythm section in Pertness. The open with full blaze from the starting point, the title song Frozen Time has a rhythm that goes right into your face and the above mentioned great metal guitar sound leaves no signs of softness. Farewell To The Past is melodic and speedy at the same time, and has enough power to light up the whole stage for them, the best song on the album in my view. No More Messiah is based on folk metal with flute and folklore, but with a hard metal spirit right underneath. Another folk metal song on the album is I Sold My Remorse, funny and melodic but with lots of energy. Totally there is 11 songs on Frozen Time, and you are not bored by any one of them. Buy it as soon as possible.

8 stars

Lars Bjørn


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