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On disc: Pentagram

- Pentagram - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

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(Picoroco Records - 2000)

There are many bands named Pentagram - some well-known, others totally unknown. The Chilean Pentagram left a mark on the South American metal scene, but in other parts of the wolrd they are just known by some die-hard fans.
This CD is a digital made-over album containing both demos of the band released in 1987 and additionally 2 live tracks.
Fatal Predictions start slowly, but just after a few moments they speed up. The Chilean quartet is obviously influenced by bands like Venom and Slayer. Then after a break they push down the accelerator and present some raw thrashy death metal. Extreme for that days, but know looking back there are many bands way heavier then the band of singer and guitarist Anton Reisenegger. A heavy groove has Demoniac Possession, but also speeds up soon. The songs is riff-based and with a thrashy edge. Reisenegger's vocals are somehow placed between growls and thrash metal style. Other tracks are faster and especially Temple Of Perdition shows that - even if not the whole tune is fast.. But the track has also some breaks and slightly slower parts. Very heavy and with thundering bass riffs. Today they would be somehow placed in the technical death'n'thrash genre...
The live tracks were recorded recorded in November 1987 and the quality of the original tapes isn't the best, but it's a great musical snapshot of one of the best Chilean bands of the late 80's.
The digitalized demos sound quite good, even if they can't keep up with todays standards. And partly the sound is a bit unbalanced... But powerful and raw. Great guitar work and no doubt they left their mark on the South American extreme metal scene!

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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