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On disc: Pegasus

The Epic Quest - Umberto Mino - 5 stars

The Epic Quest

The Epic Quest
(MDD Records - 2011)

Pegasus, the next big thing in epic / symphonic metal for MDD Records.... not this time. Let me explain the reasons why!!! The total package of this new CD is very good: a beautiful artwork, a band that have one male growly singer and one angelic female singer, a good label, but what's wrong????
The songs, the songs are the bad point of this album, an album that very soon will became 'special price' in your favorite record store. An album that will offer you the same old sound.... Okay, it's true that we don't need to find an original sound on this records, but this time I recommend you to hear some songs before you buy this new Pegasus record.
This The Epic Quest contains fourteen songs plus the usual intro, very well produced and arranged. Titles like Overlord, Queen Of Elves or Dragons Of Hope will give happiness to the Rhapsody or Stratovarius fans, and in fact I think that this album is for you guys!!!

5 stars

Umberto Mino


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