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On disc: Jizzy Pearl

All You Need Is Soul - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

All You Need Is Soul

All You Need Is Soul
(Frontiers Records - 2018)

Jizzy Pearl made himself known as the singer of Love/Hate and their successful debut Blackout In The Red Room. Love/Hate toured and released several albums, later Mr. Pearl spent his talent to bands like Ratt, Quiet Riot and L.A. Guns. Now he's back with All You Need Is Soul, his 4th solo album.

"You gonna miss me when I'm gone!" is what you first get from Jizzy Pearl, he scream it right into you face before he heads into a sleazy rocker. The opener is bringing back the early days of Love/Hate, but sounds fresh. Great guitar play by Jizzy Pearl and Darren Householder meet a catchy hook and so soon you'll start singing this!

With Comin' Home To The Bone he stays on the Love/Hate trail, quite catchy is the sleaze rocker High For An Eye. The title track is a based on a heavy groove, great guitar play and Mr. Pearl's unique vocals. At House Of Sin his days with Ratt seem to shine through, but it's not a simple copycat tune! Especially the guitar gives the track a different identity.

The up-tempo rocker Frustrated is pure fun, if you like Jizzy Pearl's music, this won't leave you frustrated. Next in line is a slower, bluesy tune called When The Devil Comes and it's time to shine for guitarist Darren Householder. You Don't Know What It's Like is a treat for fans of Jack Russell, a very bluesy, guitar-laden track right in the tradition of Great White.

After the ballad It Doesn't Matter you get two more Love/Hate tunes incl. the closer Mr. Jimmy.

Well done! Fans of Love/Hate won't be disappointed, I think... Give it a try!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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