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On disc: Matt Parsons

Alas, Tyranny - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Alas, Tyranny

Alas, Tyranny
(self-released - 2008)

Actually this is a one-man-project which Matt Parsons started in 2007 and Alas, Tyranny is the second demo. Even if it's my first encounter with Matt Parsons.
With the symphonic intro Alas, Tyranny the demo opens up and shows that the demo has a very good sound! I heard 'professional' productions which sounded worse.
The first real track is Defiance which has fast drumming - good programming! - and melodic guitar riffs, a symphonic part and tempi changes. The vocals vary between deep growls and black metal-tinged vocal parts. The guitar play is what sticks out! With The Dragons Matt speeds up and the guitar play builds a nice contrast with the growls - partly he adds some aggression - , and again he adds mid-paced parts. Towards the end he adds an acoustic guitar part, cool idea! The lead guitar part shows again that Matt Parsons is a good guitarist, but I think he should look for some companions to form a 'real' band. Thunder and the sound of falling rain leads into Breath Of Deliverance. The song develops slowly. It starts with slowly, then a scream and heavy riffs dominate the Crowbar-ish part. The semi-acoustic passage is interesting, but also shows that Matt isn't a gifted singer. A black metal-ish part follows and then Matt returns to the semi-acoustic theme for a moment. But this keeps the more then 7 minutes long track interesting. The last in line is Prometheus, a symphonic black metal tune, but you also find some death metal elements here and a lot symphonic sounds.
If you like this mixture, then take a closer look and download the demo here.

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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