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On disc: Panndora

- Choose Your Side - Claudia Ehrhardt - 6 stars

Choose Your Side

Choose Your Side
(self-released - 2003)

The Brazilian band was founded in 2000 and this is their first demo. Actually the band members went together to concerts and then decided to start a band as they liked the same music. The first demo has only 2 tracks, but gives a first impression.
They kick off with Choose Your Side, a track based in traditional heavy metal, but sticks out due to the female vocals which partly remind me a bit of Rock Goddess... But the drums of Adrismith vary a lot from the NWoBHM stuff, even if the music has a NWoBHM appeal. With Other Life they speed up a bit, at least in the beginning. A bit more aggressive, but the lead guitar part sounds chaotic and needs to be overdone.
At the moment Panndora clearly sounds a bit backdated and they would need to improve the soundwise - balance - and the song writing. But this is a demo... If they want to become semi-professionals, then a lot work is ahead of them, but perhaps it's only a fun project. Anyway, if you like NWoBHM stuff and like to check out new bands, so go to their website.

6 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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