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In Words: OverMaster

- Gus Gabarró - May 2010 - Mike Thompson -

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Gus Gabarró - May 18th 2010 (by email)

From Italy band OverMaster just presented Madness Of War, so if you think this is about the supervillain of a DC Comic, then you are wrong. Singer Gus Gabarró was so kind to tell us more about OverMaster!

OverMaster is a new band, but your members are veterans of the metal scene. Has this experience helped much in songwriting, getting a record deal and recording the album?

Surely, our musical history helped us, some record companies showed an interest in the band before listening to the songs. Even in the songwriting and recording we just knew how to do to find the right sound for the band, or other choices for the compositions.
Furthermore, my experience with my previous records allowed me to co-produce the album musically, with Simone Mularoni.

How did you come up with the name OverMaster?

The meaning of 'OverMaster' for us is: "e;We all have a conscience, desires and the power to change the path of our lives and those of others. OverMaster holds these powers, is a part of us, lives with us, is the essence of human nature, his madness and his benevolence compete on a pair of scales favored by the weight of circumstances"e;.
So OverMaster is like the conscience of everyone, that made people to choose the right way or the evil one.

Looking at the reviews of Madness Of War it seems to have been welcomed quite warmly by the media for the most part. Are you happy with the reaction and would you do anything differently on the next album?

The reviews was very good and we are happy for that, surely or next album will had the OverMaster typical style, with our sound and compositions and our music without labels. Maybe we can enclose a song sang in Spanish.

Madness Of War is a concept album about the horrors of war, right? What made you choose this as a theme?

In this case we choose to talk about the war from a psychologic side, that started from the meaning of the word OverMaster, as I told you before; the OverMaster is inside the characters involved in the lyrics, he guide their actions and help them making choices between good and evil. Definitively it's our conscience that we call OverMaster.

The cover art for the album is quite striking. What does the image represent and what made you choose it?

We simply represented the suffering of war with this picture, choosing as main subject the evil angel that represents the dark side of life. There are also some details that recall the war, like the cross stones (the original photos of the graves of those killed in Normandy). We are all very happy of the great artwork realized by Michela Solbiati.

Who or what are your biggest influences, musically and lyrically? Which bands are you listening to the most at the moment?

For several months in my CD Player there is the last Within Temptation album, I think it's one of my preferred CD now, even if their music it's not very close to OverMaster.
I grew up with the great hard rock and metal of the 80's, and I played too much during those years too, so we have that kind of background, but when I'm writing usually I don't listen too much other music, so what comes out I think it's the result of our experience, that has certainly many different influences.

Madness Of War is full of strong songs, but which is your favorite? Is there a particular song that you look forward to playing live?

Perhaps my favorite song is currently Overlord, but every song has its own charm and I'm sure it will be always difficult to choose the best one.

Have you played many shows yet? Will you be playing outside of Italy, maybe at a festival?

We don't play live yet, because we dedicate before to record and produce the album. During the summer we will play to some open air festival in Italy and we hope in Europe too.

Gus, you used to be in White Skull. Are you still on friendly terms with that band? Would there be a chance of OverMaster and White Skull touring together? Its a concert I would love to attend!

I'm still in contact with the guys of White Skull and... maybe....

Hmm, I guess a lot people would love to see OverMaster and White Skull share the stage... And who knows what the future holds for all of us. At least one thing's for sure, the story of OverMaster just began!

Mike Thompson


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