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In Words: Outloud

- Chandler & Tony - Aug. 2009 - Claudia Ehrhardt -
- Chandler Mogel - Aug. 2011 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

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Chandler Mogel - August 29th 2011

Outloud have just released their sophomore album - Love Catastrophe. Time to talk to singer Chandler Mogel about the new album, future plans and more.

Your debut We Rock You To Hell And Back Again ended up in several magazines 'Top Ten of the Year' lists. I guess that was a real surprise for you, right?

Yeah it was. We didn't expect it at all. But, we did put a lot of effort into recording the first record (and now the second, which has been forecasted to be on top ten lists this year as well), so I guess you get back what you put into something! ;)

Shortly after the release Jason left the band and was replaced by Sverd. Was it easy to find a replacement for Jason?

Yes, Sverd is a good friend of Bob's, and he joined pretty quickly when we needed his help.

When did you start writing songs for Love Catastrophe? And how long did it take to record the album?

We started writing the songs in early 2010, and finished the record by September of that year. It took us almost a year to get everything sorted out to release it (with the label switch, among other things). The recording phase actually only took about a month total.

The production was once more in the hands of Bob while the mix and mastering was done by Tommy Hansen. Never change a winning team?

Exactly. :) The duo of Bob's production and Tommy's mixing has become essential to our sound that people have come to recognize as Outloud. We'll definitely keep doing what has come to be successful for us.

Someday opens with slowly and reminds me a bit of MSG's When I'm Gone... A cool track, I would like to hear a real acoustic version of this one. At Someday you added some female vocals, who was joining you for this one?

Thanks Claudia, I'm sure we will do that for an upcoming release. The female vocalist on that track is none other than Deana Dee, a friend of mine from the NY area who sings in the premier Heart tribute band, and has sung with Geoff Tate, Terry Brock, among others. She's an extremely talented lady and we all feel she really helps bring out the magic in that song.

Please tell us a bit about Clean Hands, what's the story of this one?

Sure thing Claudia. This song started with a bed of music from Bob and Tony, and I wrote the melody and lyrics on top. The lyrics are about how you can only achieve greatness and the things that you really want with 'Clean Hands' – which basically means not doing bad or harmful things to others.

You choose Waiting For Your Love for a video clip, why this one?

It seemed like the obvious choice for the single / video, we all agreed on it. It has a very commercial / accessible vibe – hard rock fans dig it as well as housewives. ;)

Please tell us a bit about the video shoot! Looks like you shot it above / next to a motorway...

Yeah, it's one of the main highways in Greece. There's a bridge over top of it and that's where we shot it (between midnight and 8 AM). There were guys going past on the bridge and we had to keep moving Mark's drum set which was blocking the path...!

Talking about videos... Tonite was the second video you did to promote your debut and it shows some live footage. Have you considered a band's YouTube channel to make available some live footage (not talking about pro-shots)? To do a kind of Vlog from touring? Studio recordings?

That's a really good idea Claudia. Now that we have our official website up, we're going to be working on more social media / networking and that's something we'll definitely be adding.

On YouTube I saw a fan recording from Thessaloniki where you played a White Lion cover... Broken Heart. Why did you choose to cover this one? Any other covers you sometimes add to your live set?

Cool! Yeah that was a good choice from Bob and Tony I believe. I hadn't actually heard the song before! We've covered Jailbreak (Thin Lizzy), You've Got Another Thing Coming (Judas Priest), Youth Gone Wild (Skid Row), and Holy Diver (Dio). We're always trying new stuff with the set(s), so we probably won't repeat the covers we've already done. We were talking about Cold As Ice (Foreigner) for next time perhaps...

In Athens you had the chance to open for Twisted Sister. How was it to open for them? A dream-come-true experience?

I think it would be a dream come true if they opened for us. ;) Haha, but in all honesty it was awesome, they were amazing and we had a blast. I'm sure our paths will cross again in the near future.

Talking about live... So far you only played in Greece... What are your plans this time? Which countries do you plan to hit?

We are working on some shows in UK, Germany and Spain – nothing confirmed yet but will keep everyone posted. Definitely more shows in Greece this fall / winter.

You finally have a 'real' virtual home ( ), What can your fans expect to find there?

Yes finally! :) Well, in addition to the latest news / general media regarding the band, there is an online store where you can purchase our CDs, T-shirts and caps, some exclusive downloads, along with a new instructional video to be posted every month of Bob demonstrating how to play an Outloud song! The first one is already up for We Run!

What's next on your schedule?

We're still promoting the Love Catastrophe release and working on a new video (2nd one from the album), and have started writing for the next album already!

Sounds like Outloud have a busy time ahead of them and I hope to get the chance to see them live soon. In case they don't come to your country, check the website for news and perhaps you'll soon get the chance to see some footage from the road...

Claudia Ehrhardt


© Outloud

Chandler & Tony - August 12th 2009 (by email)

Frontiers Records present Outloud, a multi-national band which many might see as a project due to the musicians involved. Anyway, the guys offer an album full of 80's heavy metal which sounds fresh and is highly infectious! Thanks to singer Chandler and guitarist Tony for talking about Outloud!

Outloud was started in 2008, but the initial idea was born 2004, is that right?

Tony: Yes, that's right!! It all started in the year of 2004 when I was looking for a guitar teacher and that's when I met Bob. After a few guitar lessons he challenged me to bring him ideas to record them over there at his studio. So I started bombarding Bob with lots of ideas, which soon turned out to be really good songs. So after finishing several songs and since the result was much better that we expected, we decided to form a real hard rock band by 2008!

Why the name Outloud? And whose idea was it?

Tony: Well the band's name was a complete headache for me for a long, long time. The only thing that I can recall is going to Bob's studio one day and just announcing to him the name 'OUTLOUD'! Bob named the project with that name and he said to me "Great, let's continue!"

Did you want to do some 80's metal? Or did it just developed that way?

Tony: My influences come from the 80's hard rock area. My whole idea was to form a band under the 80's hard rock / heavy metal sound. It started with that idea, but afterwards while working the songs with Bob, the result was a hard rock album, but with a completely modern sound. Bob’s influences are more modern and that appears in the album.

Which bands from the 80's are you still listening to?

Chandler: Well, we like all the essential ones. A lot of 80's metal, like Maiden, Priest and Helloween. But we listen to many different things, each one of us, for example, Bob likes Dream Theater, Annihilator... I like mostly 70's hard rock and also funk and soul music!

An international band very often is working with modern technique and distances are cutting short by internet. Why going back and work as a real band? Is it easier to create an authentic atmosphere that way?

Chandler: Yes it is, and that's the lost art today, to some degree. The internet, while a great facilitator of communication, also makes it very easy to patch a project together, and call it a band. There are many good albums done like this, but you know you can record a record with someone and never even have met them. Looking back in the 70s and 80s, in my opinion bands had more chemistry then, a sort of x-factor which made them more authentic. This is what we are creating. Outloud started out as a project, but soon became a full-on band, and we're glad it did, because it feels like a band.

I guess that through MySpace you already got some feedback, at least about the songs which are online there... Are you satisfied with the feedback?

Chandler: Yes, we've gotten amazing feedback from Myspace and also Facebook. We've seen the interest in our profiles on these outlets translate so far to high quantities of interviews, great reviews, and huge amounts of e-mails! But the true test will be to see, if it translates to album sales. With the music industry the way it is and music being 'free' all over the internet, artists rely on fans to truly support them by purchasing their product and telling others to do the same. We hope that we can generate a large amount of people making it a 'trend' to buy the CD...! Ya know, you can get it right now at ! Simple as that! :)

Have you been confident that you can infect the fans with the 80's metal?

Tony: That is one of the band's goals, but no matter how good the product is that you have, nobody can be confident about that these days especially when you are a newcomer in the music industry. We just have to push it as hard as possible! Till now all the reviews have been outstanding and our label is really supporting us. We feel very strongly about the record and we will see what happens after the release!

You did a video for We Run. Why this one?

Chandler: Well, we felt this is the definitive Outloud song from the record. We feel strongly about every song on there, but this one had 'single' written all over it, and this tune had all the band members putting forth their input as opposed to 3 – a true collaborative effort and the energy and intention of all of the members really comes through on the track in a special way. It's got something for everyone!
Check it out, if you haven't seen it yet:

Can we expect to see Outloud live when the Firewind schedule allows it?

Tony: Definitely. We will have some shows around Greece after the album release and we are planning a tour after the beginning of next year.

What's on your schedule for the next couple of months?

Chandler: Promoting the hell out of our record, working on a new video clip, writing and recording the next record, and as mentioned earlier working on live shows! It will be a crazy schedule, but a very productive one!

That sounds absolutely great! Outloud had me right away and so I'm glad to hear that they will hit the road and also work on a new album! Looking forward to hear more from these guys!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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