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In Words: One Morning Left

- One Morning Left - July 2009 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

One Morning Left
One Morning Left

One Morning Left - July 23rd 2009 (by email)

I confess that it was my first encounter with One Morning Left and even if they won't become my favorite band, so I was curious to learn more about them!

Please tell us first a bit about how One Morning Left began!

Well, it all began when Teemu and Miksu found each other via a musicians website after their older bands had broken up. They wanted to start some kind of a screamo band. Teemu somehow had gotten to know this young, handsome and talented guitarist (me) who was willing to join this new 'supergroup'. Teemu also asked his ex-bands singer Valtsu to play drums in his new project. Our ex-guitarist Roni (also young, handsome and talented) lives in the same city with Miksu. He was somehow found by Miksu and then he also joined One Morning Left.
It's all a blur to me really but this is all we can say about the birth of the band.
Oh, and in the beginning we lived in three different cities so it was kinda hard to practice etc.. Haha. A few months later we wanted to add synth to our sound and Teemu moved from bass to keyboards. Now we needed a bass player and made an annunciation to the same musicians website and soon Touko answered and joined the band. At the same time our drummer quit the band and Tomppa (a friend and neighbor of Miksu) took the drummers seat. Last winter Roni also quit the band and so there is five members left. Phewww, this answer is way too long.

Why did you choose the name? And what does it mean to you?

The name was brought up by our ex-drummer and we really don't know what the heck it's about. But at least there is no other bands called One Morning Left which is pretty cool!

How would you describe your music? Are you doing post hardcore / post screamo? Or how would you call your music?

We think it's some kind of party-metal-screamo-electromagnetic scooter-core. The songs on the EP are pretty straightforward post-hardcore with electro influenced synthesizer wizardry but we think our new material is turning out to be more metal. We'll see.

I just got aware of you with your current release Panda Loves Penguin Vol. 2 which indicates there was an earlier release... As far as I found out an EP... Can you tell us a bit more about it?

Yes. The first edition or Vol.1 was an independent, nowadays sold out release which was paid for and sold by the band. It included the first 6 songs of the Vol.2. But when Swell Creek records from Germany wanted to publish the EP they wanted it to have more length and we hit the studio again to record the last 3 songs. We didn't get to sell the first edition very long before Bauke from Swell Creek spotted us and wanted to have a real release of the EP.

How long did it take you to write and record the songs of Vol. 2?

We made the songs on the EP in under a year but the writing itself does not take so long. It's the practicing of the songs. We need to travel 300 km to have a band practice so we have many songs which are already written but we just have to learn to play them together. The recording of all the songs took about 10 days. But in to separate sessions.

What are your influences? Which bands are you listening to?

We try to be as original as we can. Of course you can probably find some influences from the music on the EP, but the longer we play together the more original the music will get I think. Just listen to it and you'll know. Because we listen to so many different bands and we all have different tastes in music it's not so easy to name certain influences.

The keyboard seems to be influenced by some 80's pop... But partly reminds me of what you hear at a fairground ride at kermis... Are you fans of these fairground rides?

Haha. We've been said to that we sound like an evil Nintendo game soundtrack. We try to add some humor to our music with the keyboards but at the same time create something unique as well. About fairground rides I don't know. Though I can imagine the first riff of BD_L3ftoverz! playing at some crazy carousel.

The cover is very colorful... Who had the idea?

Album art is created by our personal graphic artist. It's all his idea. We were really thrilled about it when we first saw it. I believe it's the coolest thing human mind can possibly imagine.

Some of the song titles look a bit strange... How do you come up with song titles? Lyrics?

Song titles are all jokes. Insider jokes which make no sense to a wide audience, but fortunately the crazy titles don't seem to slow us down. It shows that you can make your band known by simply having fun with the music and not being more serious than you really are as a person. Only thing that counts is the music. Whether people like it or don't. Song titles and all that are not as important.
The lyrics may vary from song to song. Some lyrics make sense, some are serious and some are funny or don't make so much sense. I really have respect for those bands who can create meaningful and good lyrics.

It seems that at your MySpace you get a lot response... Did it surprise you?

Yeah it's really nice to see how many people visit our MySpace daily. I guess we get around 3000 plays a day? Maybe more. It warms our hearts to read all this positive feedback every day. It's one of the most important things that keeps us doing this!

And have you got some feedback for your album already? How satisfied are you?

There has been a few reviews of the CD and they all have been very satisfying.

What about live shows? Any festivals or other shows are on your schedule?

Some smaller festivals in Finland this summer. And some single shows around the country. We have been fortunate enough to get a nice booking agency in Finland and we're able to play all the good clubs here. Some really nice shows coming this fall. For example supporting Protest The Hero.

Any plans for the rest of 2009?

We're planning a tour in the U.K and possibly Sweden. We hope to get as much shows as possible. We will also record some new stuff for a promotional CD.

I think this little interview gives an idea about the world of One Morning Left... Let's see what One Morning Left will present us next!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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