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On stage: Ozric Tentacles

- Ozric Tentacles - May 2012 - Cardiff (GB) -

- Ozric Tentacles -
- May 27th 2012 - Cardiff (GB), Clwb Ifor Bach -

Ozric Tentacles may have been kicking around since the 80s, but even in the 21st century they are one of the finest psychedelic rock bands to grace the face of the planet, and their performance in Cardiff was certainly of an outstanding standard. The night started with The Sacred Turf, accompanied by some beautiful lighting. Mooncalf was next, and a full crowd had gathered in the venue. The audience were really getting into the swing of things, clearly enjoying themselves and ever so gently swaying to Og-Ha-Be. Xingu, being one of the group's more popular songs, received a warm welcome, and all of the musicians delivered as close to perfection as is humanly possible. The next song, Invisible Carpet, was a welcome surprise to the setlist, aiding the continuation of merriment. The majority of the concert had so far been composed mainly of early Ozric's songs, so it was almost a relief to hear the band play one of their most recent songs, Paper Monkeys. Next up they played a special live song, not from any of the albums - D-Jam - just for the people who showed up in Cardiff, and it was yet another fantastic song on their list of fantastic songs. Afterwards they continued with Sultana Detrii - over an hour into their set, and Ozric Tentacles still had yet to produce one disappointing moment. After that it was back to their latest album for Lost In The Sky and then to the album before that for Plant Music. Tidal Convergence had the crowd cheering before returning to their usual state of swinging, mesmerized by the otherworldly sounds. Sunscape followed on, naturally, flowing as liquid music around the people present. Sticking with songs from their amazing Erpland album, Ozric Tentacles performed The Throbbe with their seemingly inhuman capabilities. Myriapod saw a change in the evening's set, though the band were starting to mellow out a lot more, understandably, as it was approaching the two hour mark. It seemed as though the band had given up after they gave Eternal Wheel their all, but the audience were having none of it; after a good few minutes of people demanding The Ozrics, they were back onstage to round up the evening with a positively breathtaking performance of the unforgettable Sploosh!.

Although opening band Champignon may have mysteriously disappeared and the Ozric Tentacles band members - Brandi, Ed and Silas Wynne and Ollie Seagle - seemed to get increasingly exhausted throughout the night, the quality of the music and the showmanship never decreased for a moment, and the live experience was truly unforgettable. All in all Ozric Tentacles are doubtlessly a band worth seeing, and their show in Cardiff was undeniable evidence of this.

Stephanie Malin


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