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On stage: Orange Goblin

- Orange Goblin, Grifter, Prosperina & Hate Gauge - April 2012 - Swansea (GB) -

- Orange Goblin, Grifter, Prosperina & Hate Gauge -
- April 12th 2012 - Swansea (GB), The Garage -

Hate Gauge were the first band of the night. A lovely Welsh band, the boys played a fantastic collection of songs. The performance was fantastic, the musicians were all thoroughly skilled at what they were doing and the music was almost on par with most renowned bands of a similar sound, although a bit repetitive occasionally. Although the audience started off quite reserved (they seemed almost frightened), they soon got into the music and the band had a pretty decent reception. There probably couldn't have been a better way to kick off the night.

Prosperina were up next, a local Swansea rock band. Throughout their performance, none of the band members seemed overly driven or enthusiastic, although they did also come across as somewhat introverted or reserved. Nevertheless, this was another terrifically gifted band, and in a way they seemed slightly out of place at the concert (in a good way - if that makes sense). All of the songs were played near perfection, and the good audience reaction was most definitely a sign of this. Definitely a band to look out for, and another reason why you should support your local bands.

Grifter changed the tone of the concert to some good old fashioned rock'n'roll style music. Their entire performance just oozed catchy riffs and swinging beats. There was a pretty good crowd and people were certainly getting into the music (especially one particularly drunk man and one particularly swinging woman). The atmosphere was great and the music was even greater; they played so well that if they did cock up at any point, it has long since faded from memory. Of course, as awesome as they played, there was one band left to rock them all.

Orange Goblin started off their set with Scorpionica, and their songs for the evening were from a broad span of their career. The Filthy & The Few was up next, followed by one of their songs from their previous album, The Ballad Of Solomon Eagle, and so far so good - the performance had been absolutely mind blowing. Time Travelling Blues continued their excellent mix of fantastic music and skilled performance, and The Fog went down well with horror film lovers. Throughout the concert, singer Ben Ward made an effort to interact with the audience, and it paid off in how enjoyable the concert was. The band continued with Some You Win, Some You Lose, Getting High On The Bad Times, Round Up The Horses, Acid Trial, They Come Back (Harvest Of Skulls) and Stand For Something, before wrapping up the main segment of their show with the unforgettable Blue Snow. Ben made some joke about not being able to get off the stage (which is true in The Garage), and so the band skipped straight to the encore - a fantastic one at that! It consisted of Quincy The Pigboy, Death Of Aquarius and Red Tide Rising; two songs from the new album was a definite incentive to get the bands latest album for those who already haven't.

Orange Goblin - and the other bands that played this night for that matter - are a must-see live. All of their albums are stupendous, and their live performances are arguably even better. The bands members themselves are all incredibly amicable, and they certainly know how to rock.

Stephanie Malin


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