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On stage: Omen

- Bang-Your-Head - June 2004 - Balingen (D) -
- Metropole Ruhr Festival - April 2010 - Oberhausen (D) -
- Omen & Savage Grace - April 2010 - Lonato Del Garda (I) -

- Omen & Savage Grace - April 6th 2010 - Lonato Del Garda (I), Olden Live Club -

Savage Grace - live in Oberhausen (Germany)

Omen - live in Oberhausen (Germany)

Omen - live in Oberhausen (Germany)

Finally for the first time Savage Grace are in Italy, and we know that of the original line-up remain only Christian Logue, now as the singer and the rest are the guys from Roxxcalibur band. And as usual Omen with their fantastic songs and the energetic charge of guitarist Kenny Powell and their fantastic singer George Call.
The organization have also put in the bill two other Italian band: Prodigal Sons and old-skool thrashers National Suicide and anyway let's start this review.
The concert start with Prodigal Sons, young band that play a classic metal and closed their set with Aska's Imperial Rome with George Call as guest singer!!! Well done, guys.
National Suicide hit the stage with their usual rage and furious old-skool thrash that really remind me at Bobby Blitz and Overkill. I really hope that these guys share big stages with big thrash bands very soon!!!!
And now for the first time - the only one original member of - Savage Grace hit an Italian stage and big problems start right now: Christian Logue's microphone doesn't work!!! They start with Bound To Be Free in instrumental version, because the voice doesn't come out the speakers!!!! I think that this episode just pissed off Mr Logue, and the rest of the gig was horrible for this: no singer's voice for the gig!!! It was hard to recognize masterpieces like Sins Of The Past. Savage Grace close their 50 minutes gig with cover versions of Burn and Motorcycle Man....Crappy sound engineer and a (toy) microphone ruined this concert!!!
Omen just start their gig with The Axeman and the sound problems were still there!!! Omen just saved the situation with their attitude and a phrase of George Call.... Great songs were played in the hall like Teeth Of The Hydra, Battle Cry, Warning Of Danger and many more. I write played, not sang because the microphone didn't work at all!!!! It was horrible to see a singer that sings and no sound come out!!!! But after all these problems Omen show to all what they are a great band!!!!!
A very special thanx to the concert promoter, Alessandro Poffa, and to George Call, Andy Hass and to Neudi for their friendly attitude!!! Keep on rockin' guys!!!

Umberto Mino


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