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On stage: Obituary

- Waldrock - June 1998 - Burgum (NL) -
- Obituary & Natastor - Jan. 2010 - Caracas (VE) -

- Obituary & Natastor -
- January 31st 2010 - Caracas (Venezuela), Moulin Rouge -

Natastor - live in Caracas

Obituary - live in Caracas

Obituary - live in Caracas

Obituary - live in Caracas

Obituary - live in Caracas

Obituary - live in Caracas

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In January 31th we were lucky to witness for a second time an Obituary performance in our country. This event took place at the premises of the Moulin Rouge in Caracas and the opening act was made by the local band Natastor.

The event was scheduled to open doors at 18:00, however, as usual for the Venezuelan fans; the queue in front of the Moulin Rouge started early that day. As the day goes by everything flows on a daily basis, the typical shirts selling, the fans in their cars getting ready musically to what lies ahead.
It's 18:00 and people started to gain access to the facilities of Moulin Rouge, a local who despite being somewhat small, suits perfectly for this event.

At 19:20 the opening act started... Natastor, really filled the public's expectations by providing a spectacle more than brutal, these guys began with Victim Of The Night. They continued with Descolonización, Poltergeist, Return Of The Abyss, Lesson Of Death, and finally Mental Inquisition the encore from these guys was Olympus.

Natastor certainly proved it is one of the most representative bands of its kind, had a clean run, but probably the guitars were not thus be perfectly adjusted, they sounded a bit saturated in the solo parts. The drums, the vocals and bass showed a flawless execution.

A half hour show these guys gave us, more than enough time to prepare the audience for what was coming next ...

19:50 the guys from Natastor were already among the people and then one of the
's crew was already preparing everything on stage while the drum kit was revealed by Mr. Donald Tardy himself.

Finally, at 20:10 Donald Tardy, the acclaimed Ralph Santolla, Trevor Peres and none less than Terry Butler, each one positioned in the instrument to start the darkest night we've ever seen... Donald Tardy kicks in with the first song List Of Dead immediately the crowd went wild and even more when John Tardy appeared and started with the first lines of the song... Immediately after that first song Blood To Give was performed...

"e;What's up Venezuela!"e; were the first words of John Tardy to the audience, then On The Floor, Face Your God were performed, minor technical issues with the sound of one of the floor toms came to light, nothing to worry about because it was fixed immediately.

"e;Chopped in half! Feel the blood spill from your mouth"e; opening phrase for the 3:48 minutes of the brutal song Chopped In Half, this would be the fifth song in his repertoire, and suddenly the crowd surfing started.
Turned Inside Out, Dying, Threatening Skies were performed... Right after that began one of the most brutal songs of the night Dethroned Emperor which pays tribute to one of the greatest bands ever, Celtic Frost, next one was The End Complete.

"e;The Final Thoughts, Final Thoughts!"e; is the chorus of the next song Final Thoughts, a song which was performed actually by all the fans in the place. The new one Forces Realign was played and right after that Contrast The Dead song where Terry Butler showed why he's the ideal replacement for Frank Watkins.

The encore took place with an excellent drum solo by Donald Tardy where Ralph Santolla joins on guitar, to begin with Slow Death, Evil Ways and the most anticipated... Slowly We Rot.

A totally unprecedented show where everything was excellent, despite the almost imperceptible small bugs in the sound the performance of Obituary was impeccable.

Maracaibo Alterno wants to thank Comegato Producciones and Conciertos Metal producers of this event for giving us the chance to represent the west side of the country and also we are very thankful with all those who shared and gave us their support from the beginning.

Ricardo Salvador
(editor Maracaibo Alterno)


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