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On disc: Overdrive

Angelmaker - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars


(Lion Music - 2011)

Swedish outfit Overdrive was found in 1980, a few years later they disbanded, but a reunion followed. It didn't last, but 10 years ago they returned with a Best Of compilation and a single. Their 3rd full-length album was released in 2008 and it was called Let The Metal Do The Talking. Now it's time for Angelmaker!
Guitarist Janne Stark and his mates take you onto a trip back in time, they stick to their roots and present 80's heavy metal without sounding dated. At Let The Metal Do The Talking they offered new tracks along songs which were written in the early 80's. This time it's all new! Songs like the title track Angelmaker offer heavy riffs and soaring melodies - and as the icing on a cake you get cool guitar solos. A surprise is the cover version of I Know There's Something Going On, a song written by Russ Ballard and performed by ABBA's Frida. If you know the pop tune, you'll identify this as a cover, but if not... it sounds like a catchy Overdrive tune. Well done!
A guitar-driven tune is Under The Influence, one of the highlights on Angelmaker, which shows some Maiden-ish passages. On With The Action is true metal hymn, something to sing along and party. At See The Light one thinks of old Scorpions (riffing) and MSG / Michael Schenker (lead guitar opening part)... But then the songs becomes more and more a Overdrive tune. At It's A Thriller some references to Judas Priest are audible, but who cares? The track is fun. The closer The Wavebreaker shows a different side of Overdrive. They kick off with acoustic guitar and vocals, a slow opening, then the song explodes and becomes a catchy riff-based rocker incl. a long instrumental passage. And then a slow passage - like the opening one - leads you out of the song.
Sure, Overdrive don't present anything new, but the songs are well written and performed. Angelmaker is a very entertaining album, so everybody who loves 80's heavy metal should have this album on their shopping list. The Swedish won't disappoint you!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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