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On disc: Chris Ousey

Rhyme & Reason - Lars Bjørn - 6 stars

Rhyme and Reason

Rhyme & Reason
(Escape Music - 2011)

Chris Ousey has been in the music business for many years, but nevertheless it is his first solo record, and for this purpose he teams up with fine guys as Gregg Bisonette, Neil Murray, Mike Slamer and Tommy Denander who have written the songs for Ousey. So far so good, as the saying goes. Denander has written a lot of good music all the years, but for this album he comes with stuff that doesn't have the highest standards. The Mother Of Invention is melodic hard rock, sure it will please some listeners, but as soon as the CD is out of the machine you can not recall it very well. Bleeding Heart has good elements of swinging rock creations, melodic as hell but not catchy enough to make the breakthrough. The best part comes in the last song, the ballad A Natural Law where they get all the loose ends to meet in a well-composed ballad with more touch and feeling in it than the other songs has to offer. Chris Ousey sings in a strong and wonderful way, and that also contributes to get the album some praise despite the songs being of lesser quality.

6 stars

Lars Bjørn


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