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On disc: Other View

- Here To Keep It Loud - Claudia Ehrhardt - 6 stars

Here To Keep It Loud

Here To Keep It Loud
(self-released - 2007)

Other View is a band from Italy which is musically based in traditional heavy metal. As far as I know Here To Keep It Loud is their first demo, a 3-track one. The first track is called In A Tower Of Lies and a riff-based rocker with a catchy hookline - which reminds me a bit of Alphaville's Big In Japan during the refrain. Perhaps it's also the phrasing... Later in the song they change a bit the sound and even some screams find their way into this one. Next is Balder's Dream which starts slowly and a bit more atmospheric - guitar and vocals. The vocal line isn't too bad, but I miss a bit real emotions... It sounds a bit cold... When heavy riffs join in the song gets a lot heavier, but the vocal line stays the same. Interesting, especially as the lead guitar can transport more feelings then the vocals. Towards the end they return to guitar and vocals for a brief moment... The 3rd track is called like the band Other View and they speed up again. Riff-based hard rock - like it was popular in the late 80's. Vocally they try a different way and it fits to the tune.
Okay, the balance between the instruments and vocals / backing vocals could be better, but it's a demo and so it's okay. A bit back dated, but who still loves 80's heavy metal, should check them out. The demo tracks can be downloaded at the bands website!

6 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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