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On disc: Orphaned Land

- Ararat - Claudia Ehrhardt - 6 stars


(Profound Lore Records - 2005)

Orphaned Land are from Israel and they mix oriental sounds into their dark metal. With Ararat they release a fan club EP - this is actually the same years re-release - which was limited to 500 copies each. So a real collectors item! Initial release sold only at ProgPower US 2005 and this version was only available through their website.
It starts of with The Calm Before The Flood (Ararat remix) and so slowly leads you into their world with spoken words accompanied by the acoustic guitars of Yossi Sassi and Matti Svatitzki. You hear the wind blow while Kobi Farhi is still telling the tell. Interesting, but perhaps not the best way to start into an EP with an about 5 minute long track like that. The demo version of Building The Ark then gets you in the musical world of the Israelis with acoustic guitars, bouzouki and oud. When Kobi joins in the song gets a different dynamic... Atmosphere. Quite interesting. With the demo version of The Kiss Of Babylon they get heavy and this one shows better what Orphaned Land is about - oriental influenced dark metal. Their version of Paradise Lost's Mercy is interesting, very different... During the refrain it gets most obvious that this is a Paradise Lost cover, otherwise you could think it's one of their own. Very cool version!
Well, fans of Orphaned Land will love this one, coz it shows a different side of the band, everybody else who's interested in the band should check out a regular studio release. But I guess that when you see this item it will be high-priced, so only die-hard fans will buy it anyway.

6 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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