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On disc: Oriz

Oriz II - Lars Bjørn - 8 stars

Oriz II

Oriz II
(Liljegren Records - 2011)

A great idea to make a full-grown combination rock, pop and metal. Other bands have tried this, but in the case of Oriz it gets successful on the spot. Oriz is a Swedish band from 2009 and with the members different backgrounds they all have something good to bring into the music. Alexander Oriz is the boss, guitarist and songwriter, and despite an unsuccessful release in 2010 they try it again, Oriz II, this with greater luck as they are now under the wings of Liljegren Records. First out comes the song Forever Free, a symbol of their renewed status, up-tempo happy soft melodic heavy metal. Why not go for it from the beginning. The metal continues in Desert Rider, melodic with super guitar performance from Mr. Oriz. This Feeling is more traditional hard rock, but has the right glimpse in the eye and gives it the right effort. Captured has an aggressive metal finish with the pop rock sound underneath. Also the song Broken has the metal pop that they have chosen to be their style, great work. Finally the last song is called Living, could also be their comment of how they are right now, putting their problems behind them, and this song goes again for the melodic creative guitar-driven metal sound. A super album with no weak spots at all. They aren't superstars, but if they continue this good attitude they will be the next super band from Sweden.

8 stars

Lars Bjørn


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