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On disc: Ordo Obsidium

Orbis Tertius - Lars Bjørn - 5 stars

Orbis Tertius

Orbis Tertius
(Eisenwald Records - 2011)

A debut from a black metal band who does not do all in the world to advertise for themselves, no webpage, no info on the internet, and only 5 songs on their new release. But everybody has to start somewhere, and the song Nequaguam Vacuum is very good, horror metal, melodic and with big smiles in their ideas, fresh start to the album. Into The Gates Of Madness has a massive output where the drums are almost overpowering everything, but besides from the dominating rhythm section the song really rocks OK. Orbis Tertius is in the opposite end, boring and simple metal where you get an unpersonnal impression of them, no so good. Emptiness Under The Moon has a lot of aggression in the black onslaught but musically also quite anonymous. By His Unflinching Hand is both bombastic and slow at the same time, but does not really make a difference to their plans to convince of their place in the black world. We can only wish them better luck next time and hopefully more songs on their next album.

5 stars

Lars Bjørn


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