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On disc: Ordinul Negru

Sorcery Of Darkness - Lars Bjørn - 8 stars

Sorcery Of Darkness

Sorcery Of Darkness
(Loud Rage Music - 2015)

The seventh album from Ordinul Negru has only 3 songs to present their dark message, but no matter how short it is, they still make a good and solid impression. The length of the songs 10-20 minutes gives them a space for different content and creation of their music, the title song Sorcery Of Darkness opens very slow with massive growls, but then becomes more intense with an incoming occult atmosphere and also making a harder grip in the attitude.

From The Ashes Of The Mist gives the listener a tortured plagued knock of brutality that also starts slow but soon gets harder in the tempo. The commitment to black metal can not be argued. In Ceas De Noapte is the final song, and during the 20 minute black metal study from the Romanians we get slow and elegant rising power and intensity of true black metal. Although the album only got 3 songs, it is worth a try.

8 stars

Lars Bjørn


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