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On disc: Orcultus

Orcultus - Lars Bjørn - 7 stars


(Forever Plagued Records - 2014)

Sweden's new force of black metal definitely has Orcultus as one of their finest members. Since their first attempt, Endless Hate And Misanthropy from 2013, there is new blood on the path from Orcultus with a new EP simply called Orcultus. They play black metal with 80's rhythm and experimental ways to create interesting songs with drive and atmospheric content. 4 songs of good quality where Unus hits the listener wildly with vicious vocals, massive depth and elegance. Duo goes in a more controlled way, still 80's atmospheric black metal but more relaxed. Tribus is rather monotone in a deep heavy blackened soul music style, and finally Untitles gives us a metal engine pumping rhythm of great black metal, just adjusted a little bit. This is 4 songs that has personality, great guitar work and stay true to the spirit of genuine black metal. Hope to hear more from Orcultus when they have a full-length album ready.

7 stars

Lars Bjørn


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