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On disc: Oratory

- Illusion Dimensions - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Illusion Dimensions

Illusion Dimensions
(InsideOut Music - 2000)

For people outside Portugal it seems that there is almost no metal scene... Oratory will show the world that even from Portugal progressive metal bands are coming to conquer the metal world.
After the intro Illusion Dimensions the band starts with the catchy mid-tempo track With Glory And Melody which reminds me a little bit of Angra... But this sextet are no copycats! Working with a female and a male singer isn't new, but most bands work with a clear female voice and growls from the male counterpart. Oratory are vocally more like Angra and Stratovarius with the additional female vocals of Ana Lara. Singer Marco Alves is responsible for most of the lyrics, Ana Lara add her parts at the choirs and for a few solo passages. Kingdom Is Legacy might remind you of Hammerfall as well... Like a mixture of the Swedish and Stratovarius... The influences are recognizable, but for a young band this debut is a good basis to start from! Good luck!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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