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On disc: Orange Goblin

A Eulogy For The Damned - Lars Bjørn - 9 stars

A Eulogy For The Damned

A Eulogy For The Damned
(Candlelight Records - 2012)

Well yes, here we go. Goblin, Goblin and more Goblin. If you are interested in pure heavy metal in the traditional way which was immensely sparked underway by metal bands as Judas Priest, Saxon and Motörhead amongst others, then Orange Goblin is the band to get under your skin. They take inspiration from the best metal of the 80's and combine the metal style and hardness that took place when NWoBHM was founded. Ben Ward and the guys has made a monster album, their 7th in total, and in the broader picture their best album so far. Simply because they stay loyal to their roots and don't go into strange sounds or directions, pure metal rock so your heart is pleased. Red Tide Rising opens the box of delicious snacks from the Englishmen, a traditional strong metal tune where Saxon and Iron Maiden could have been proud to have such a song in their ranks, great and rich song to begin with. Stand For Something is the same powerful rhythm with sublime character in the way they piece this song together, absolute top class. Acid Trial has an intelligent high level in the guitar performance that leaves no doubt about how Orange Goblin put their metal ideas into the material they are playing. The Filthy & The Few sounds more like a garage band, but their old time metal sound are as actual today as it could have been in the 70's, a little different song but still in the vein of Goblins universe. The Fog has a fast rock basic foundation with an overbuilding of harmony and cooperation that shows their experience to make songs, also in the highest class. Death Of Aquarius is a song that you would not have been surprised if it was to be found in the catalogue of Judas Priest, exactly the style of hard pumped metal that is typical for the NWoBHM sound from the beginning of the era. The Bishops Wolf has a keyboard included to give input to the rhythm section besides the guitar frenzy hard running and attacking sound, more great stuff from them. This album does not have any halfhearted or weak points in it, so just enjoy what comes out of the speakers.

9 stars

Lars Bjørn


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