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- Augen auf - Katja Müller - 9 stars

Augen auf

Augen auf
(G.U.N. Records - 2004)

I still think that the band name is ridiculous, but okay. This EP is an appetizer for the coming album Wahrheit oder Pflicht (means 'truth or duty' - taken from a kids game - ed.). With the title track of this EP Augen auf (means 'open your eyes' - ed.) they release the first electro metal hit of 2004. Actually I bought this EP after I saw the video clip a thousand times at the music TV channel Viva and got addicted. The song is based on a simple groove, has during the refrain a flooring guitar sound combined with catchy nursery-rhyme-like choruses. A very dynamic track with serious lyrics. This song shows how a electro pop / metal hit has to be written and arranged. Also there is a remix of this single on the disc.
Beside that there are 3 more songs. Dein Feuer seems to be inspired by Paradise Lost at their more electronic time of Host / Believe In Nothing. With Burn Your Eyes they have song based on some Manson rhythm. Both songs won't be on the album. My highlight - of these 3 songs - is the Grauzone cover version of Eisbär. Perhaps because I loved the original... Even if this one is quite different to the original.
Wow, what an EP. Guys, you will have a hard time to do an album better then this single! Good luck!

9 stars

Katja Müller
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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