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On disc: One Morning Left

Panda Loves Penguin Vol. 2 - Claudia Ehrhardt - 4 stars

Panda Loves Penguin Vol. 2

Panda Loves Penguin Vol. 2
(Swell Creek Records - 2009)

The Finnish sextet One Morning Left offers a new album called Panda Loves Penguin Vol. 2, but I'm not sure who will listen... Perhaps there is a target group for their post screamo... At Panda Loves Penguin they show that its possible to combine music la Bullet For My Valentine with some 80's keyboard sounds. And to be honest the keyboard which makes them stick out is also what annoys me, but perhaps it's just a matter of taste. Some parts of Worthless Girls are pretty interesting, but again the keyboard... The slower, more melodic parts are pretty cool and I like the clean vocals, the growls are a bit too extreme - for me. At BD_L3LOVERZ! the keyboard partly reminds me of some fairground ride at a kermis... Disturbing. At Excuse Me, How Can I Get To The Scene From Here? the keyboard is pure 80's pop, but in combination with post screamo I can't stand it. Song titles like SMS Pissing and Sweden Hockey Dreams aren't very promising to me... Perhaps I'm just too old for this stuff.
I hope for the guys that there is an audience for them, but I'm not sure about that... Sorry.

4 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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