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- Say Me A Rosary - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Say Me A Rosary

Say Me A Rosary
(TWAH - 2003)

This is the 2nd album of the quintet which you would expect to be American, if you just heard their musical home is rock with a touch of country (e.g. Say Me A Rosary) and sometimes a little punk attitude shines through. Produced is the fellow-up of Power Of Principles by Danish musicians & producer Tue Madsen who is known mainly for this production of metal and hardcore acts, but did a great job on this rock album. A song like 23rd Of October make you move, swing along. With tracks like Strangle (Hold) Me they speed up a little. A song which will work well live. At least this is music to hear live and that they can do it they proofed on several shows. The band exists for several years in a constant line-up which is one reason for the tight sound.
An album for rock fans who aren't just need straight-forward stuff and like to listen to some more laid back tracks as well. If you think that fits to you, then get a copy of Say Me A Rosary and it they come to your area, go to see them live!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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