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On disc: Omega Code

- Ω - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars


(self-released - 2008)

Another band resp. project from Brazil is Omega Code, but what makes this foursome different is the musical background of the band members who partly have no link to the metal scene. And so the demo kicks off with Goliath and electronic sounds, but then they blend in heavy sounds and the tune turns into a Nu metal one with distorted vocals. But the clean vocals are very melodic and don't really fit to the sound, but fascinate. The clean vocals would fit better to some melodic, powerful prog stuff... Personally I like the clean vocal part more, but the distorted vocals fit better to the heavy cacophony. The parts where the electronic sounds left behind remind me a bit of Nevermore... While the electronic parts remind me more of Passenger...
With Lilith they change a bit. Still they use electronic beats, but more in the background and the song is more a dark metal tune with emotional vocals. The vocals should be a bit more up-front... I think the tune would be more intense without the electronic beats, but that's probably a matter of taste... The last track is Transcending and again they change their sound a bit. This one is really heavy, riff-based and the vocals seem to drown in guitars, but here it's used as an effect. There are slower parts which have a progressive edge. Later with growls it gets a slight melodic death metal touch due to the vocals while musically they stay away from that genre. This combination reminds me a bit of Into Eternity, but they don't use electronic sounds and so it differs.
The tracks are quite interesting and it's obvious that the Omega Code wants to break free from limitations of the metal genre. I think it works best at Transcending. That track is a walk on the razors edge, but its not too experimental for most metal fans. I guess it depends on which way they choose - Goliath or Transcending -, if they can leave a mark at the metal scene.

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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