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On disc: Olc Sinnsir

- The Throne Of Dead Emotions - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

The Throne Of Dead Emotions

The Throne Of Dead Emotions
(Oaken Shield Rec. - 2003)

I got this CD without any information, so I can't say much about the band which is new to me. From the booklet I can tell that the album was recorded in November 2002, but not where and it also lacks the information who produced it... Well, that's all the information I have.
Musically the French are located in the black metal sector and so Olc Sinnsir start straight ahead. The quintet combines fast parts with mid-tempo ones sometimes, all crowned by the high screams. Others are fast ones from the beginning to the end like the horde was chased....
On the album opener The Coronation Of Despair are vocal parts which remind me of King Diamond, just more extreme! Interesting is that they combine English and French vocals in this song and in the 8 min. long track Under The Throne Of Dead Emotions. Others are totally in English or French like L'Epītre de pureté. The French track L'Epītre de pureté starts mid-tempo and it seems that the lyrics are more intense, perhaps because it's their mother tongue... But soon they speed up and a fast black metal part is presented. They change the speed during this one several times. The tempi changes in their songs make it more interesting to listen to in my opinion. Actually I can't do any name dropping to give you an idea, so check them out. I would recommend this tracks: Under The Throne Of Dead Emotions, L'Epītre de pureté, The Scars Of The Martyrs

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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