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On disc: October Tide

A Thin Shell - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

A Thin Shell

A Thin Shell
(Candlelight Records - 2010)

October Tide fans had to wait more then 10 years for the follow up of Grey Dawn, even that album was re-released in 2007. Now a new line-up entered the studio to record A Thin Shell. Jonas Renske is no longer a part of October Tide and so Fredrik Norrman is the only original member. For the growls he got Tobias Netzell who earlier this year presented the second album of his band In Mourning.
The re-newed October Tide kick off with A Custodian Of Science, a slow tune with heavy riffs and memorable guitar play. The growls give the doomy sounds a death metal touch. An epic opener. After Deplorable Request the Swedish offer an atmospheric track called The Nighttime Project. Slowly they lead you into the tune and especially the guitar line is enchanting. The instrumental is one of the highlights of A Thin Shell and Katatonia / Opeth fans should dig it. With Blackness Devour singer Tobias Netzell is back. For The Dividing Line they speed up a little. The track is quite heavy and gets an aggressive touch due to the growls, but at the other hand you have the melodic guitar play of Fredrik Norrman. Another highlight is Fragile which offers speed changes, memorable melodies and slow, epic passages. The closer is called Scorned. It seems that they get slower with every beat and so they let the album fade out.
Fans of doom metal with melodic guitars and growls should check out the new October Tide album! Hopefully the guys are a bit faster presenting their next album, fans will appreciate it.

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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