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On disc: October File

Our Souls To You - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Our Souls To You

Our Souls To You
(Candlelight Records - 2010)

The British October File are back with a new album, Our Souls To You. The quartet recorded 11 tune which were written, discussed and rehearsed over the period of one year. Then they recorded an album full of metal - raw and aggressive. You'll find different elements... metal, industrial, metalcore and even sludge. The album is released as a 2-CD set with the album mixed by John Mitchell and in a version mixed by Justin Broadrick. It demonstrates how much a song can differ when mixed differently. So are Justin Broadrick's versions are heavier, more raw and so more brutal. The songs show their potential in both mixes, so it's merely a matter of taste which version of Our Souls To You you prefer!
Falter is almost catchy, but the harsh vocals and the tribal drums add a different flavor to this one. Ben Hollyer's vocals are a bit too one-dimensional for me, but his hoarse vocals give the tunes an aggressive touch. A bit Soulfly-like sounds Dredge with tribal elements. The Broadrick version has the drums more up-front, while Mitchell's put the guitars more into the spotlight. At both versions I would like to have the vocals a bit more prominent. The first part of the title track Our Souls To You (Part 1) starts slowly with tribal drums, Gregorian choir and samples from speeches - a sonic roller coaster ride without lead vocals. Musically monotonous, but the varying samples make it somehow interesting. No idea why Part 2 isn't mixed by Broadrick, this track is missing on CD 2. Actually I think that Part 2 is more interesting, even if it ain't one of the highlights on Our Souls To You. One of the highlights is September, a fast, straight-forward tune full of hate and anger.
October File offer an album full of heavy, guitar-driven tunes. The different mix makes it even more interesting and due to the varying sound, every fan of metal should check it out!

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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