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On disc: Octavia Sperati

- Grace Submerged - Philip Thelen - 8 stars

Grace Submerged

Grace Submerged
(Candlelight Records - 2007)

Octavia Sperati a sextet which everybody should know! This is the follow-up of their debut Winter Enclosure. The five Norwegian girls and their mate did a great job and deliver a damn good doom / gothic album!
The opening track Guilty Am I can easily convince you with the great drumming and outstanding vocals. For the following Moonlit you can find a video in the web and you should really check it out. They aren't just interesting for fans of gothic metal or female voices, also people who are into melodic metal should check out the band!
The songs are too similar in my opinion, but that's not that bad, coz they are great. Outstanding is the ballad Don't Believe A Word. Quite melancholy, just cool! And with Submerged the album fades out with a slow piano outro.
Check out: Guilty Am I, Moonlit, Don't Believe A Word, Going North and The Final Rest.
Herbrand Larsen and Arve Isdal produced the album and are known for their work with Enslaved, I and Audrey Horne.
Grace Submerged is a great piece of music and you should keep an eye on this band!

8 stars

Philip Thelen
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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