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- Gyvybés Medis - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Gyvybés Medis

Gyvybés Medis
(Osmose Prod. - 2008)

The band from the Lithuanian capital Vilnius was founded back in 1992, inspired by the upcoming Scandinavian black metal scene. Through the years their music changed and these days they call their music pagan heavy metal. Lyrically they deal with Lithuanian history, legends, myths and religion. Their 4th full-length album Gyvybés Medis (Tree Of Life) is released on Osmose Records and due to their Lithuanian lyrics sticking out a bit. Everybody who is interested can find the lyrics in an English translation on their website!
The quintet opens up with Apeios (Rites) - with heavy guitar riffs and the fast parts have a black metalish sound. Singer Baalberith has a deep, raspy voice and partly he is tending to spoken word parts.... Perhaps a bit one-dimensional, but somehow it fits. When guitarists Sadlave and Enrikas Slavinskis leave the black metal influenced sounds behind you can hear their heavy metal roots. Guitar blast attacks you get with Vedlys (Guide) and Baalberith is caught between thrashy vocals and scolding - it seems. Later in the song the lead guitar takes you on a trip into the thrash metal genre. A bit slower is the title track and its somehow catchy... With acoustic guitars kicks off Geležinis vilkas, but then they turn to up-tempo heavy metal. For a moment it reminds me of some humppa tune, but only slightly... The song is based in traditional heavy metal, especially the guitars have some NWoBHM-feel. The instrumental ļkaitai is great! And usually I'm no fan of instrumentals! So check it out!
Sure, due to the Lithuanian vocals they have something exotic. But it's not just the language, it's their melange of black metal and heavy metal combined with thrashy elements and some neo-classical influenced guitar parts. You can't call them copycats and you can't blame them to jump on the bandwagon. They play the music they want to and don't care about expectations. It might not get them into the premier league, but if they are happy with their music, fine. Give them a chance, listen to some tunes and make up your mind! Cool album, ačiū!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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