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On disc: Obsidian Tongue

Subradiant Architecture - Lars Bjørn - 9 stars

Subradiant Architecture

Subradiant Architecture
(Dissociation Records - 2012)

Obsidian Tongue is a new black metal band from USA who releases their debut album these days. Brendan James Hayter and Greg Murphy is the two men behind this phenomenal CD that holds so much new thinking and makes a revolution of the black metal genre. Soft and hard metal are knitted together in a product you cannot overlook if you are a fan of experimental black metal. Their music should be viewed as a unit of 8 chapters where Murphy's drums are the backbone of this staccato onslaught of black ideas with intelligence and melodic wise metal in a pure dedication to create some of the best and most experimenting black metal for years. It starts with a soft instrumental intro, Approaching The Well, and ends with the track Becoming The Storm where the guitars go hand in hand with storm effects to give it a more creepy atmosphere. All the songs are on a new level of ultimacy, dedicated black metal from their hearts.

9 stars

Lars Bjørn


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