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On disc: Obsidian

Point Of Infinity - P.A. - 7 stars

Point Of Infinity

Point Of Infinity
(Candlelight Records - 2010)

Candlelight Records presents the new album of Dutch progressive death metal outfit Obsidian. The Dutch band was founded back in 1997, they released 2 demos and in 2006 their debut Emerging. Now the quintet is back with Point Of Infinity.
The 9 tracks vary from brutal death metal attacks with mean growls and progressive elements to Tidal Waves, a heavy progressive metal tune with growls. The opener Illuminate shows well the brutal side of Obsidian, but also the complex guitar play of Simon Lawford and Sjaak Kassies. Towards the end they ease off a bit and shouter Robbe Kok shows that he's with his clean vocals that he's also a good singer. Radiating Light kicks off with acoustic guitars, but then gets heavier. They head into a metal track with progressive elements and death-ish growls. Thrashy riffs dominate the complex Desolate Rage and with growls the track gets an aggressive edge. The instrumentals The Upward Spiral and Spectral Pathways show another facet of Obsidian's sound. The title track Point Of Infinity is the absolute highlight of the album! The track takes time to develop, but becomes a real neckbreaker! The last track with vocals is the progressive death metal track Incinerate before they close the chapter with the second instrumental. The closer is also the longest track of the album and if you aren't into instrumentals, then just skip it. But I recommend to listen to it at least once.
Well, Obsidian isn't the next big thing, but they delivered a decent album which is interesting not just for fans of progressive death metal. The guys do have the skills, so it depends on the next album, if they can make it.

7 stars

P.A. (guest writer)


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