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On disc: Obscurity

Tenkterra - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars


( - 2010)

With Tenkterra the German outfit is presenting their 5th album in 13 years, after 2 demos they presented their debut CD in 2000. Vrar their last album was released last year, so it seems they had a creative boost... But will they be able to keep the quality level?
Slowly they lead you into Tenkterra with Keltilwald, but after the opening part they storm off in a black metal-ish manner. Tenkterer offers up-tempo parts and slow, almost acoustic passages, but the black metal elements are present in all songs. Songs like Keldagau are offering memorable riffs and vocal lines which make it easy to get into Tenkterra. At Raubzug der Sugambrer they combine the different elements - fast black metal parts, up-tempo parts and epic mid-paced passages. One of the highlights is V Legion which has some infectous parts, but still shows all trademarks of the Obscurity sound.
The band did a video for Bergischer Hammer which gives you an impression about Obscurity's latest piece of work, even if it doesn't show all facets of their sound.

There is something I should mention, the MP3s we got for reviewing have voice-over parts which is totally annoying and distracting. So the rating might be effected by it. I consider to boycott voices-over promos in future as it's impossible to give a fair judgement. But we'll see.

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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