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In Words: Nevermore

- Jeff Loomis & Van Williams - Aug. 2001 - Roberto Palmitesta -

Jeff Loomis & Van Williams - Wacken (D), August 2001

Nevermore at Wacken 2001. Backstage I saw the guys hanging with some friends and signing stuff. I walked over and got two questions answered...

You have a South American tour coming. What do you expect from South American people?

Van Williams: We are looking forward to play there, because we never been there. We are totally exited, ready to go.

Jeff Loomis: I expect a really good time! The people in South America are very friendly, so I think it's gonna be cool.

Your last album is excellent, it has earned many good critics. What's the key to make such a good album? It's one of the most complex albums of your career. What do you think about it?

Jeff Loomis: I would say just the constancy. I mean, being together in a band, four musicians for eight years. And having Andy Sneap really helped.

Van Williams: I think production is better than on the rest of the other albums. It's better than in the other albums for sure, working with Andy Sneap, he brought a lot of things that we wanted.

Unfortunately they had to go on, the schedule was tight.... Anyway, it was kind to take time to talk to me.

Roberto Palmitesta


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