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In Words: Necronomicon

- Andi Nagel - Feb. 2012 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

© Necronomicon

Andi Nagel - February 27th 2012 (by email)

Necronomicon aren't a new band, but somehow this is the first interview I'm doing with them. And now as Invictus is out, it's time to change it!

Hi Claudia!
I'm Andi from Necronomicon - I'm the Necrobassicon, and I will answer your questions. First of all: thanks for your interest... :-* and by the way special greetings from Freddy to you!

It's been awhile since you released your last studio album Revenge Of The Beast in 2008. What happened in the meantime?

Ha, ha, a lot....! No seriously, we had a lot of trouble, Jogi got a tinnitus and Axel got healthy problems. So we had to find a new line up with Klaus on drums (Necrodrumicon) and me. The good thing for the band is, that we know each other since more than 15 years. So then we played many shows in whole Europe, most of them in the east.

When did you start writing songs for Invictus? And how long did the recordings take?

Freddy started the writing last summer, we had a few rehearsals and the recordings took then just 4 weeks.

Achim Köhler mixed and mastered the album, why him?

He is simply the BEST, he's a guru! We met him once in Switzerland mixing a life-show from Edguy. It was so amazing, watching him working & playing with the control buttons. He's a sound master, crazy on that! I tell you, he's the father of Necronomicon's sound.

The artwork was done by Jan Yrlund. Was the cover his idea? Or did you had an idea the brought to life?

Actually we knew what we wanted to have, and so we sent Jan our ideas - but finally he did a really good job, with something we didn't expect.

Why the title Invictus?

If you read our biography, you'll know what we're talking about. Invictus is a very special album for Freddy. Whatever happened in these 28 years - Necronomicon is even more alive, than ever before! So that means Invictus!

What about a video clip? Anything on the way? Or perhaps already been shot?

Yeah, we're on the way... We have found a real cool location in France... Wait a few weeks!

Which song(s) would you like to visualize?

Upon Black Wings! It's the best song for that location.

Let's travel back in time! When you started Necronomicon you had - more or less -the same chances as Destruction, Kreator & co. What do you think was the difference between you and the flagships of German thrash metal?

Maybe bad luck with several persons, record companies and and and... But we do not look back, we have a great band and the 'killer album' Invictus! So we're looking' forward!

Do you feel like you got betrayed somehow? Or fortunate that you were part of the first wave of German thrash metal bands?

Again, things happened so... We're not at the end of this long way! But we're working hard for our Necronomicon future - every day!

Please share some of your memories with us! What was / were the best moment(s)? What the worst?

The best moment is always the same: Playing on stage & watching the fans eyes! The worst was when Jogi got tinnitus.

Back to Invictus! At the limited edition you have some live tracks, please tell us about them a bit! When did you recorded them? Is it from one show? Or several shows?

It's from the two shows, we played on our last Russian tour in Moscow & St. Petersburg.

You re-recorded Possessed By Evil, why this one? Is this version documenting how the song changed through the years? Or did you 'just' overdo it for the album?

The song is a must on every show we play. It's wonderful to see the fans, how they want us to play Possessed By Evil. It's not possible to play the song with the same sound like from 1984. And anyway the music lives, and probably we play all the older songs different.

For me it was a surprise to find an unplugged version on the disc... Not really something you expect from a thrash band.... So, have you been discussing it for awhile? And have you already got some feedback for it?

No, that came by accident. On our first tour through Russia we played a completely spontaneous unplugged set in a music shop. And so the idea was born. Andy Gern is very good acoustic guitar player and actually it was his plan (and he wants more.... )

You kinda mix thrash with other elements, how important is it for you?

We don't care about thrash or other elements. We're playing music! We are a family of five band members (yes 5! Timo our sound engineer is a part of us - we can't play without him!), and we all have a different music background, like country, blues, beat, death, movie soundtracks, jazz and hard rock.

What about playing live? Any plans?

Yeah absolutely! You'll find the upcoming shows very soon on our homepage. We have plans for south America and Japan. A booking agency is working on that.

Will you record some stuff for YouTube or a similar platform in future?

Well that depends on Massacre Records. We'll see...

Nowadays social network is very important, how do you feel about it? Blessing or curse?

The old MySpace was great.... FB is social must....
(Actually the creative people are on G+! ;) - Claudia)

What are your plans for the next months? What is your aim for 2012?

Playing, playing, playing & and you won't wait another three years for the next album!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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