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In Words: Nasty Idols

- Nasty Idols - Apr. 2009 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

Nasty Idols
Nasty Idols

Nasty Idols - April 20th 2009 (by email)

The Nasty Idols from Sweden are out to conquer the world with their sleaze metal. They are around for many years, time to talk to the Swedish!

Let me first ask a bit about the early days of Nasty Idols... When you started Nasty Idols, did you ever think that it will turn out this way? That so many years later you'll still rock?

Well, No when your that young you only live day by day and everyone over 30 is a old wanker.. Ha! Ha!
But things twist and turns and here we are back from the unmarked grave and we still love to kick ass, Christ we never been this eager to play I tell ya!

Most of your albums are re-released, but not your debut which you called crap... Do you regret doing this album? Or do think that it was necessary to get started?

If we haven't done the first Gigolos On The Gayrole, or what ever it's called we maybe haven't been where we are today, but in my opinion our second album Cruel Intention showed the true face of Nasty Idols, everything fitted perfectly, songs, time, members the whole thing!

How was it to go on tour back then? And how different is it now to go out an play?

Nothing especially, we're a little more critical 'bout things now. We're there to do one hell of a concert, because we own that to our fans, back in the early days we just did the show and that was that. Now we gotta prove we're the top boys on the bill!

Which bands you played with impressed you most? And which band you would like to play with, but haven't had a chance to yet?

Uh, I like to do a Swedish triple bill touring Europe, with 2 new cool bands and us Clash Of The Sleaze or something.. I always liked Shotgun Messiah, their Violent New Breed is one of the best albums ever, before their time, I think then Rammstein and Manson took it all over!

How was it to record an album together after all those years?

Great a new producer a new studio, it felt like the first album again, all those new expectations, sounds and songs it turned out.

Did the new technology changed the way you record? Or do you still do it the old-fashioned way?

No, this was a whole new ball of wax to me. The other guys been in studios with their side projects. But this was all new to me, I thought it was over just like that, fuck there was so much ideas we could make a Boys Town 2 just like that!
I loved the new technology, but I'm also glad that I've recorded the old fashion shit, so I know how it was done 100 years ago...!

Your album is called Boys Town... Why did you choose this title? Is the title referring to a special place?

We had another name on the album for a long time before we decided that Boys Town felt good. A short cool title easy to remember... it's a fictional place, I will tell you the location when I find it, let's grab a six pack call some girls and jump the fence!

With Method To My Madness you have a cover on your album. Why did you choose this one?

Andy had it on a mixed tape then he was young Andy, it was his turn to pick one... Ha! Ha!
I did it last time and it was Dead Kennedys' Too Drunk Too Fuck, I think it turned out great, and late (R.I.P.) Stiv Bators old girlfriend liked it and said, it was a great honour....!

Its not the first time you cover a song... What makes a song worth to be covered in your opinion?

I don't know, but we have to do it better than the original or else it would be a waste of time.

Ever thought about asking one of your idols to do a guest appearance?

We don't know any of our Idols, but it would be sweet to have someone from the Sex Pistols... On the album and party with them after the recordings... And listen to this stories 'bout the industry, I've seen Filth And The Fury a thousand times!

Talking about your idols... Mtley Cre been one of the bands who inspired you... What do you think about their current album Saints Of Los Angeles?

Good, I like the title track and the Cre is a great team of musicians. But our real influences are the old school Kiss, The Sweet, Alice Cooper and Sex Pistols. That's what we were listening to then we where kids... Then people refer us to all American bands. That's just great, we don't mind!

Back to Nasty Idols.... Are you satisfied so far with the feedback you got for Boys Town?

Those reviews I tell ya. We made a album for ourselves and a reason to get on the road again, I was fed up with playing Just 'old' songs we needed new blood, and now almost everyone says this is our best album ever!!!! People love that we're back!

Can we expect you to go on tour? Or will you only play one-off shows? Festivals?

That's the whole idea! We wanna play everywhere this time, and are planning it now as we speak, The first concert will be the 30 May in Denmark at 'The Rock', the very place we ended the last tour! It's like a vicious circle!

What else is on your schedule for 2009?

Touring, meet old friends, girl friends and fans, party all night puke it up the next day, this time it's to the death... Ha! Ha!

Looks like they want to have a good time, so if you get to see them live, take the chance to have a drink with them!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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